Press Imagine the ability to cool a vehicle, home, or a building without the need for manmade refrigerants
November 21, 2019 / John Raidt

Only in America.

Imagine the ability to cool a vehicle, home, or a building without the need for manmade refrigerants. Read the full story here

News OxiCool CES

OxiCool® Receives Coveted Innovation Award at the 2020 CES Show in Las Vegas.

HomeCool is designed to provide clean and silent air-conditioning for homes using natural gas or propane. In the near future solar thermal energy will be an option as well. HomeCool is the only air conditioning system that uses water as the only refrigerant, …Show More

replacing harmful and global warming refrigerants, which all other AC systems rely on.

No other company was able to figured out how to use water as a refrigerant in a nonfreezing capacity until OxiCool invented and patented this planet-saving technology. HomeCool will be equipped with the latest technologies and automation, such as wireless sensors, motion detectors and Alexa speakers to name a few. OxiCool will launch HomeCool in North America for home, hotel and small buildings — bringing comfort to both individuals and the environment. And because OxiCool uses a fraction of the electricity as current AC systems, it will save you money, too.

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Press Reduce Truck Idling Times and Emissions
May 23, 2018 / Max Bennett

OxiCool® Receives Large Grant to Reduce Truck Idling Times and Emissions

TruckCool, powered by OxiCool technology, will decrease use of diesel fuel during engine idling by 90 percent. That’s well over 2,000 gallons of fuel per truck annually, which will greatly reduce harmful chemical emissions. Read the full story here

Press news 4
August 4, 2017 / Haley Weiss

OxiCool® Takes Home Business Innovation Award At SustainPHL Awards Show.

OxiCool® is honored to be recognized along with an impressive group of businesses and activists committed to sustainability, the environment and the future. Watch here