Frequently Asked Questions


Where will my HomeCool™ be manufactured?

Your HomeCool™ will be proudly manufactured in the United States of America. Upon placing your PreOrder, you will receive a Serial Number indicating where you are in the queue. OxiCool has built a modern factory in the greater Philadelphia area (Malvern, Pennsylvania) where manufacturing will take place utilizing lasers, robots, and other forms of automation in a clean room setting.

Does HomeCool™ use any chemical refrigerants that are harmful to our environment?

HomeCool™ uses only pure water as a refrigerant which has a zero global warming potential. Our technology does not need any chemical refrigerants. None.

Does HomeCool™ use any toxic substances like Lithium Bromide or Lithium Chloride, or Ammonia?

HomeCool™ does not use any toxic substances. Period. Zilch. Nada.

Is HomeCool™ a swamp cooler?

Absolutely NOT!! HomeCool™ is a closed loop system under vacuum and does not allow even a single water molecule from its factory charged refrigerant water to escape through the life of the system. The refrigerant water charged at the factory is the purest water you can find on the planet and remains in such a pure state recycling millions of times with no loss in its purity.


What is the cooling capacity of HomeCool™?

The HomeCool™ base configuration is estimated as a 36,000 BTU/hr peak output system with 20,000 BTU/hr in continuous operation. A system of this size typically supports cooling requirements for a 2500-3000 square foot home or office.

Is HomeCool™ safe during periods of freezing weather?

Yes. OxiCool’s system includes a proprietary process for winterization to prevent the water refrigerant from freezing during periods of cold weather. This patented technology is unique to OxiCool’s product.

How much energy does HomeCool™ consume?

The primary energy for HomeCool™ is derived from clean open flame burn of natural gas. This can be converted with an optional kit to propane and also hydrogen* (*once commercially available).

The base model of HomeCool™ consumes approximately 100-400W of electricity. We will offer options to get this energy from solar panels and/or batteries.

In total, we expect the end customer to realize up to 25% lower operating costs over traditional electrically operated ACs with compressors.

What is the SEER rating of HomeCool™?

US Department of Energy (US DOE) test standards for Season Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings are based on electrically operated vapor compression air conditioners. Currently there exists no US DOE test standards for HomeCool™. OxiCool is working with regulatory agencies to quantify the efficiency improvements of HomeCool™ and will provide updates as available.


What is the anticipated price of HomeCool™?

The estimated $10,000 MSRP for the base configuration includes the outdoor central module and four (4) in-home OxiChanger™ air handlers. Options selected by the customer may change the final price of the system.

Can I purchase a larger size HomeCool™?

Due to the modular design, systems can be scaled up to support larger homes and commercial/industrial applications. OxiCool is committed to working closely with all pre-order customers and will fulfill requests for larger systems during the consultation call prior to the start of production.

Can I purchase a smaller size HomeCool™?

At this time, the base configuration of 36,000 BTU/hr peak output (20,000 BTU/hr continuous operation) is the smallest system being offered for the residential market. However, since operating costs of HomeCool™ vary proportionally with usage, there is no downside to running the system at lower than full capability and reserving the additional capacity for future needs.

When will my HomeCool™ be available for delivery?

OxiCool is working diligently to prepare for the consumer launch of HomeCool™ at scale. Please stay tuned to for further updates.

Is my pre-order deposit refundable?

Yes. Customers may request a refund of their pre-order deposit at any time prior to the start of factory production by contacting [email protected]. Customers will be provided with a final invoice taking into account selected options when factory assembly begins.

I live outside the United States. Can I pre-order HomeCool™?

At this time, HomeCool™ is only available for pre-order in the United States. Please join our mailing list at for updates on international distribution.


What is the size of HomeCool™?

The outdoor central cooling module for the base model is about 48”(L) 48”(W) 48”(H). The in-home OxiChanger™ air handlers will be available in various configurations which will be discussed with each pre-order customer prior to production.

Can I still purchase HomeCool™ if natural gas is not available in my area?

OxiCool will offer an optional conversion kit to enable use of propane as the primary energy source. Conversion kits for hydrogen will be available in the future.

Additional Information

What else do I need to know?

HomeCool™ powered by OxiCool® is not only a Made in America product, but it is also invented in the USA.

What if my question is not answered here?

Please reach out to us at [email protected] for any other questions you might have.