After more than 100 years, Air Conditioning has finally evolved.

oxicool unit

Until now, almost all air conditioners have relied on tremendous amounts of electricity, toxic F-gases and high pressure to cool our homes. Finally, a smarter, more efficient and effective alternative has emerged. OxiCool air conditioning uses clean technology and pure water as the only refrigerant to produce the cold air you want.

OxiCool is the very definition of true sustainability.

With OxiCool, you consume up to 90% less electricity than current air conditioning systems by using clean, reliable alternatives such as natural gas, battery power, solar PV and hydrogen. So you’re not only helping save the planet, you’re saving money, too.

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oxicool stores energy with zero trickle loss when not in use.

OxICool Unit


While OxiCool is currently being produced for use in residential homes and semi trucks, the applications for this breakthrough technology are almost limitless. Soon businesses will have access to a scalable system to cool buildings. Additional applications will also benefit the military, technology companies, health and medical industries — even individuals who live, work or commute in extremely hot climates.

The quietest air conditioning system on the planet.

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