An inside look at our revolutionary technology.

OxiCool technology is a simple solution for a problem that has puzzled the cooling and air conditioning industry for over 100 years. Using only natural elements — earth, water, air and fire — OxiCool produces zero emissions from its refrigerant, and reduces the ever-increasing demand being placed on our country’s aging power grids.

Traditional air conditioning units account for almost half the electricity used in homes during the summer.

Just as important, the OxiCool system is incredibly silent. So you get to relax in total comfort while saving money — and the planet — when you cool your home with OxiCool.


OxiCool is the only air conditioning system in the world that uses no toxic substances of any kind and produces zero emissions from its refrigerant.

Here’s how it works

The following video shows you how OxiCool technology works, using pure water as the only refrigerant.

OxiCool is the very definition of smart technology and true sustainability.

oxicool diagram

Our Patented Technology at a Glance

OxiCool is powered by OxiCell. OxiCells are closed loop, maintenance free molecular sieve cells that are manufactured to precision in a clean room. Not even a single water molecule can escape through the life of the system. So, you never have to add or change the water, or the molecular sieves inside. There’s also no refrigerant to top off, because there is NO refrigerant other than pure water.

And, since OxiCool has no compressor, the entire system is virtually maintenance free. The only thing you have to do is change filters as you normally would. OxiCell has the unique ability to maintain its charge for up to ten years or more, which means it works amazingly well off the grid, too.