The world’s first full sized
molecular sieve and water
based air conditioner.

  • - Runs on clean, efficient heat energy
  • - No harmful greenhouse gases
  • - No maintenance needed on cells
  • - Ability to store energy for later use with zero losses

OxiCool has developed the world’s only truly green air conditioner.

OxiCool has developed air conditioning technologies that can be applied to an array of applications in both the commercial and military spaces. Originally invented and patented jointly with the US Navy, the technology significantly lowers the operating and maintenance costs of air conditioning. For the past three years, OxiCool has been working under a Joint Development Agreement with a large and reputable US truck manufacturer.

of world’s air conditioners use harmful

is the Global Warming Potential of
most current refrigerants

is the Global Warming Potential of the
OxiCool refrigerant

Our Mission Statement

OxiCool is focused on increasing the life of our planet Earth and the quantity and quality of the life of its inhabitants

OxiCool® Clean Technology

Technology based on a system using
four natural elements


Patented technology


Closed Loop

zero loss of refrigerant water

No Trickle Loss
of Energy

OxiCell™ can maintain charge
for up to a decade

Almost Instantaneous

Cools heat exchanger from over
100oF down to 0oF in ~20 secs.

No Rare Earth Metals
or Minerals

No Toxic Substances
of Any Kind

1 - System is On-Line Providing
Air Conditioning


2 - System is Off-Line